Thursday, August 26, 2004


Two of my good friends have just returned from a honeymoon trip in Europe. To say that I am a bit jealous would be an understatement. For my honeymoon, we went to a family reunion. His family. It was the first time I met most of them. We stayed in a condo unit with his parents, sister, and Auntie. The first night, as we sat on the bed, there was a loud, crinkly sound. I looked at my new beloved in horror....our bed had a plastic protector on it! Every time we moved, it rattled. As I gingerly crept into the bed, plastic crackle sounds echoed through the apartment. This struck me as funny, until in the midst of our giggling, Auntie called out "what's so funny in there?" from her bed on the other side of the wall. Suddenly not so funny. Very rough return to reality.
During the reunion, I actually learned alot about Hubby and his family. I learned that they all hate the sunshine. His father wore wool socks, jeans, and a plaid flannel shirt every day. This was August. Canada might be cold, but it isn't THAT cold.
I thought we might escape into the town for a few minutes alone one day. I persuaded Hubby that alone time would be good, and told his mom we were going out. She wanted to know where. When would we be back? What would we do for supper? Then she called his sister over and told her that we were going into town. Turns out Sister needed new sandals. Off the three of us went, for alone time. No nookie in the car for me!
Really, I am happy for my friends, back with tales from abroad. I know that they deserve the best, and all that, but deep in my heart I think they should have taken me with them.

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