Thursday, September 30, 2004

Barbie and me

My daughter received her first Barbie as a gift yesterday. I'm a little bit sad. This means she's growing up! She loves her new "dolly", which warms my heart. I was a Barbie nut growing up. I never could understand why some people have such a problem with Barbie. I never ever wanted to look like her. I mean, really, come on. Who wants that body? Her hands are the same size as her eyes. Her toes are all just one flap, and she can't stand on her heels. If you braid her hair, you get a rope thicker than her thigh! Yes, her waist is tiny, but those hips! Who wants hips that go straight out like that? Where would you find the clothes? I'm not worried about the Girl Terror wanting to be Barbie. She's already pointed out that Dolly is sadly lacking in the nipple department. This child is enthralled with boobies. She would never choose a body with no nipples!


Anonymous said...

When my daughter was born I gave my family the rule that "Barbie is forbidden!" No dolls. No videos. No other accessories. She just turned 4 and they're all still abiding by that rule - thank goodness!

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