Thursday, September 09, 2004


- - -Hi Kristine,
Very odd that while you were leaving me a comment, I was finding your blog! I've blogrolled you, as you can see. Thanks for the note!- - -

I am starting to see how people get addicted to blogging. If I could make myself get up in the middle of the night to read blogs, I would do it. I think Hubby would disown me, though. I wish I had more exciting stuff to write, but really, my life is pretty dull. There is snow on the mountains here now, and frost every morning. So depressing. I think I was meant to live somewhere warm, or at least above freezing. The cold and dark here really bring me down in the winter. The summer, with 24 hours of light, is great, but not long enough to take the fish belly whiteness out of me!
Survivor starts again tonight! Anyone else thrilled to death? I may have mentioned, I'm a big fan of crap TV, reality TV in particular. I'd say it's my one big vice, but I have so many others to choose from!

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