Sunday, September 12, 2004

hair for the masses

I was just reading amusings from the expresslane, which is one of my favorite blogs, and Angela was talking about her hair color woes. I feel inspired now to color my hair. My natural, and current, colour is a light reddish shade. Not as red as I'd like, but not brown, either. Somewhere between HERE and HERE, with blond streaks, if that helps at all. Hubby says not to mess with it, people pay for this colour. Maybe so, but I'm not one of them! No one is ever happy with the hair they grow on their own. I love how in bad sci-fi movies, everyone has the same outfit, the same hair. Because you just know that if we all had to choose one look for everyone, the vote would be for a vinyl silver jumsuit, and a chin length bob with bangs. Yup, I can just picture me like that now. Oh wait, nope, that's a blimp with a bad wig going by.

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