Sunday, September 05, 2004

I am an idiot

Okay, I admit it. I am a computer newbie, and I am in idiot. So if anyone is reading this and can help me, I'd really appreciate it!
While reading other blogs, I have seen something called "blogroll". I actually have found quite a few that I like this way! What I want is to be able to do the same thing here. I visited the website, and all that, and I thought I followed the directions, but no blogroll. Arghhh. Any bright ideas? And I need the solution in very basic, simple English. Did I mention I am a computer idiot? Trust me on this one, I am not just being modest.


Dimitris Athanasiadis said...

Perhaps you can post an example or two of blogs with blogrolls you liked?

Tammy said...

The best one, since it looks just like my blog, but so much better, is I want a list!!!! I want to be smart!!!!

Fat Dad said...

If I want to see how a BLOG page gets to look that way (and assuming you use MS Internet Explorer), just client View|Source and you will see the code that the page is built from.

Then maybe with some trial and error you can incorporate new features in your BLOG