Tuesday, November 02, 2004

You know you are really a Mom when....
- You automatically catch vomit in your hands, and don't even retch. In fact, you're thrilled to have saved the floor.
- You find yourself mindlessly singing the theme song to any of the following: Hi-5, Teletubbies, Blues Clues, Wiggles, etc.
- You look like a fool in the grocery store, chatting animatedly with the blob in the car seat.
- When you are invited to a party, you don't wonder if you will be able to get to work in the morning. You worry that you will have to leave the party before it really gets started in order to make it to bed in time.
- When you have a free evening, for whatever God given reason, you don't even consider going out. You head straight for bed, with perhaps a stop in the bathtub.
- In bed during your "free" evening, sex does not even enter your mind.
- You know there is a world out there. It's on TV sometimes. But you cannot name one current event.
- It takes you more than two tries to read your blogs, and you type e-mails with one hand, no problem.


Linda said...

You are spot on with these observations. I've been known to hum random kids songs even when I'm alone after my daughter is in bed. Scary but true!

Jenny said...

Hah! I did the vomit catch 3 times last night.

great post, sad but true

gothchix said...

Remember when your kids were or maybe they still are, but were at the age of speaking. And you couldn't wait until the words came out of their mouth? Then they turn 11. then you are the worlds most stupidest individual. You can say the sky is blue and they will argue with you. you know why? Cuz they know it all. And my mother tells me it will get "better". Oh goodie... my 11 year old. Birth control for me. I think you are awesome by the way...

shadowbox said...

Oh the songs! I know them all. Especially those infernal Wiggles:

"Quack, quack, quack

Mine has moved onto a CD of Barbie music, replete with some of the most godawful showtunes ever committed to a recording.

Anonymous said...

You discuss poop like its no big deal.