Monday, January 03, 2005

In which Girl Terror learns to rhyme

Girl Terror and I went shopping yesterday. It was great to do a "girl's only" trip, and enjoy my daughter. That feeling lasted until we were in the store. I told her we needed to stop at the pharmacy to pick up some medicine. This is the conversation that the surrounding shoppers got to hear:

GT: Me'cine? For me?
Me: Nope. For Mummy.
GT: Me'cine for Mum? You sick? Blech? You go blech?
Me: No, I'm not sick. I just need to pick up my medicine.
GT: Bum me'cine?! (remember, she recently learned first hand about suppositories.)
Me: (whispering) No, NOT bum medicine.
GT: No BUM me'cine? Just mouth me'cine?
Me: That's right. Just mouth medicine. Look!! Look at all the pretty hair clips!!!
GT: Nooo bum me'cine. Nope. Just chew it. Chew chew chew!!!
Me: (looking around frantically to find something, anything, to get her off topic)
GT: Just Mum me'cine? NOT ME!!!!! NO BUM ME'CINE ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: ARghhh! Just Mummy. Not you. Just mouth. No bum.
GT: Bum, Mum? Tee hee hee!! Bum Mum Bum Mum Bum bum BUMMMM!!!!! Mum's bum!!!

Yeah, it was really great to spend quality time with her. She's such a charmer.


& said...

Isn't that a rap song at the top of the charts?

Kristine said...

LOL! and LOL AGAIN at Bob! :)

Ben said...

Also laughing at Bob...

Spending time with the kids is always a roller coaster ride... gotta love it.