Sunday, February 27, 2005

long range planner

The other day, Girl Terror and I were sitting on the couch. She was deep in thought for a long while, and then the plan was explained.
Girl Terror: Mummy? When I grow big, I be lady.
Me: Yes, you will be a lady.
GT: I get boobies.
Me: Umm....yes, you will.
GT: I wear make-up. (I had explained recently that she was not to touch my make-up, only ladies wear it. Not little girls.)
Me: If you like.
GT: I get big, I be Mummy!
Me: You'll be me?
GT: No, I be Mummy! Get baby! Like me!
Me: You will be a mummy? And have a baby?!!
GT: Yeah!!

long pause...

GT: First find Daddy.

She's two, folks. But she has her life plan in place. It wouldn't surprise me to find out she's checking out the little boys in strollers, checking to see if they will be suitable Daddies.


Babette said...

She is precocious, indeed! And, you are obviously a MUCH-HIGHER-THAN-AVERAGE-MOM despite your modest blogname. Michele sent me and I like your style!

Kimberly said...

Very sweet. They make big plans very young, don't they? My 5 year old informed me that she was never getting married and is planning to live with us forever. Oh, and she would like her 3 poodles & 1 horse to live with us too.