Sunday, March 27, 2005

Birthday wish list

Girl Terror is very focused on birthdays right now, for some reason. Hers isn't for 3 more months, but she has some ideas already about what she wants.

GT: "Soon my birthday?"
Me: "Well, someday. Not that soon."
GT: "I have Happy Birthday? Cake? Candle?"
Me: "Yes, when your birthday comes we will do all that. But first, it's Natalie's birthday, and Daddy's birthday, and..."
GT: "A present! A Happy Birthday present for me!!!"
Me: "Yes, there might be a present. What do you want?"
GT: "Hmmm. How about....a rocket ship!"
Me: "A rocket ship? What would you do with a rocket ship?"
GT: "Go moon!"
Me: "Ummm, okay... Then what would you do on the moon?"
GT: "Come home! In rocket ship!"

She doesn't ask for much, just the moon.


J&J'sMom said...

Ahhh... I wish we could all give our kids the moon, but I guess we're just going to have to settle for 10 lbs of Easter candy and a massive sugar high!!! Happy Birthday GT (in 3 months). I know mom and dad will give you the moon ;0)

Raehan said...

Mommy Lassos the moon! (You've seen Wonderful LIfe, right)'ve got an ambitious one. It's actually a very beautiful birthday wish, though.

(I've been trying all morning to leave a comment. Blogger has decided to be difficult again)

Dan said...

My son, who is now five and a half (wow, where did the last five years go?) always "goes to the moon" when he's playing on the swings at the park. I give him a countdown, then I push him faster and faster making rocket noises until I stop the swing and tell him he's landed. He then pretends to eat some cheese a la Wallace and Gromit, and we repeat the journey back to Earth. His idea, not mine!

Maura said...

Too cute. I wish I could remember when my wants were so simple. :-)