Saturday, July 30, 2005

The grass is always greener

Blah. That pretty much sums up how I feel today. Could be the weather, or the fact that today started at 6 am. Having kids certainly does change the concept of "weekend"!!
Remember when you graduated high school, and the speaker said "These were the best days of your life", and you thought "Crap. If this is as good as it gets, I don't want to go any further." And then in college, at graduation, another speaker said "You will look back at these days as the best time of your life." And you thought "Best nights, maybe, but the days weren't that hot." Well. Now I'm old enough to look back longingly at the freedom. Freedom to sleep all night. Freedom to not sleep all night, if I felt like it. I'm sure there was more great stuff worth remembering, but sleep is high on the list right now.
Today is Saturday, and I would like nothing more than to call up a friend, get dressed up, and go out on the town. We could laugh, and dance, and talk, and laugh some more. It is, after all, a Saturday night. The night when all the fun, cool, FREE people go out and enjoy life. It's amazing how refreshing and energizing a night of martini's and dance music can be!
However, most establishments frown on bringing kids to the party. So I'd have to find someone to watch the Terrors. And no matter what I tell those two little angels, they insist on getting up freaking early. I'm not sure I can paint the town red until after midnight and still remember to feed them breakfast a few hours later. I'm just not young enough (GASP!) to survive with 4 hours sleep! So instead of dancing my cares away, I will try and summon some enthusiasm for the new! DVD of Hi-5!! What could be better! Hi-5, for an hour!! Singing! Dancing! Incredibly chipper teens, pretending to be thrilled with everything they see!!!
One of the first defining moments for me as a parent came on my first weekend home after Girl Terror was born. Suddenly, I realized that the weekend no longer meant rest. There would be no change of pace. This parenting thing is a job with no weekend, no days off, and no paid vacations. This tiny creature would be there EVERY DAY. I know, I should have figured that out a bit sooner. I don't regret having the babies. I just wish they would take a weekend off once in awhile!


Sleeping Mommy said...

You and I are SOOO on the same page my dear.

I miss that freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want it. It's such a conflicting emotion because at the same time I wouldn't give my kids up for the world.

Too bad we can't afford nannies so they can do take care of the nights and mornings and we can do all the fun stuff, eh?

Raehan said...

When our second baby was born for the first year or so the weekends were actually HARDER than the weekdays for some reasons.

I hear you.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Listen, you got it real good. If you didn't have kids, you know how hard it would be to come up with material for your blog?

Anonymous said...

Sleeping in on weekends is something we SO miss around here. With my daughter it was easy. We'd bring her into our bedroom and she'd either fall back to sleep in between us or play quietly in our bedroom. It was when we had my SON that the weekends are just like any other day. Today? He woke at 5:45am!!! Uh...didn't he get the memo that Mommy got to bed at midnight? Apparently not...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that "best time of your life" thing. The older I get, the better life gets. I thought 21 was the best, then 25, then 30 and each bit of time improves the ride in life.