Thursday, August 04, 2005

Happy anniversary!

Hubby and I have been married 9 years today. Amazing! It seems like only yesterday we were starry-eyed newlyweds. Well, he was never much of a starry-eyed sort, and I think we are definitely past the newlywed stage. I know I've changed, and I think he might have, too.
Being married to Tim has mellowed me. Really mellowed me. Our friends still say I'm uptight (to my face. Behind my back, or after a few drinks, they call me "anal"). But I have learned to relax since I first got married. Now, I can leave dirty breakfast dishes until lunch. I don't always scrub behind the toilet. I seem to have misplaced my ironing board. If things don't always go according to schedule, I survive, and some days I don't even have a plan!
Tim has taught me the value of quality. Growing up, we ate no-name brand everything. My parents never paid more for something than absolutely necessary. Now, I've learned that it's worth it to pay more for quality, rather than pay to replace cheaper stuff. Sometimes it's good to pay extra simply because it tastes better. Before Tim, I thought marble cheese was the height of sophistication on a cheese platter. Slowly, I'm being sucked into Havarti, Brie, and cheese I can't pronounce.
I don't worry any more about what other people think. Tim has convinced me that my feelings are the most important thing for me to focus on. Not my mother, not my father, and certainly not a group of well meaning church folk. Me. He doesn't always answer the phone. He isn't always polite to nosy strangers. He says "no" to telemarketers and survey takers. All very important lessons that have slowly made an impression on me. I don't have to say yes. I don't have to worry about what "they" will think.
Naturally, not all of the things I've learned from Tim can be seen as positive. I'm addicted to the computer. I laze around the house more. I read on the toilet. All his influence. But...all of this makes me a happier person. He makes me a happier person. I can't imagine, I don't want to imagine, life without him. He makes me complete, and I love him. Happy Anniversery to us!


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

I hope the next 41 years are just as wonderful :)

Michele said...

What a sweet post!
Happy anniversary!

Michelle said...

happy anniversary! mine is next month.

that was a great post.

Mellissa said...

Happy Anniversary!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Finely said, Tammy. Happy anniversary.

And a tip of my hat to Tim, and the cheesemakers.

Sleeping Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Carmi said...

All the best on this incredible milestone. May you both continue to explore new worlds together - and inspire those who wish to someday do the same.

Kristine said...

Aww. Happy "Pottery" Anniversary! (? - I don't know. Your 9th is supposed to be the pottery one).

Cape Man said...

Hi Michele sent me.

Loved your post, love the honesty.
Happy anniversary.

Raehan said...

Ours was yesterday and I had no wonderful post to show for it like this.

Working on it.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Beth said...

I seem to be having a problem logging in. No matter.
Loved the post!! You must already know that I'm already one of Tim's biggest fans!! A good man is hard to find have one and so do I!! Who knew both of us would ever get so lucky!!
Love Beth

Pearl said...

Happy belated anniversary. Glad you found someone to spend your time with you treasures you and wants your happiness. I can relate to the height of cheese tray thing. My parents still refuse to buy other than day olds and secondhand. Getting into a new frame of mind takes time to reprogram expectations but changes the world.

wendy said...

Hey, that was sweet.. Happy belated anniversary.