Sunday, August 07, 2005

What would you do?

We all have such high hopes for our kids. Every parent has a vision of what their child will be like, who they will become as they grow, and what the future will ideally be like. I know my parents thought I would be a minister's wife. I can play the piano, I am a teacher, and I worked at Bible Camp. BUT I left the church, married an agnostic, and refused to even date a theology student in university.
In a recent magazine, the question was asked "What would you do if your teen was gay?" It was a really good article, and it made me think. What will I do? So many things could change my vision of my kids future. What if Girl Terror gets pregnant at 13? What if Boy Terror drops out of school in grade 9? What if one of them comes home one day and says "Mum, I'm gay"? What will I do?
What would YOU do?


Anonymous said...

If your kids came home to me? ;-)

We'd work through it together. No waterworks. It's only a crisis if one person wins in insisting it is. Listen, advise if solicited, make sure the message of solidarity and security came thru. Parents and kids are resiliant.

Raehan said...

If my child was gay? Not a problem.

Is she had an abusive parter, gay or not? A problem.

-E said...

I'm with Raehan on that one. I'd offer to help my child with whatever they might need to be confident with themselves. As there are some horrible people out there, I would try to help equip them to deal with that abuse.

If they were dating someone who was abusive, I would of course take them under my wing until they were healed and could soar again on their own.

Heck, I'd do any of that with anyone, not just a child.

Beanhead said...

I would do what I do now deal with it, accept it, and love my baby no matter what.

Lisa said...

I'd be upset if my son turned out to be a criminal.

But being a homosexual is not a concern.

I just want my kids to grow up to be happy, kind and giving people.

I know it would probably be more of a concern for my husband. But I'm sure he'd love him just as much.

peebugg said...

Boy, all the answers above me are great.

I, think and hope, I would accept my child's choices. I don't see a problem with any of it unless it was life threatening or causing unhappiness ie abusive or criminal or anything else along that line.

I grew up with very predujice parents, and if it wasn't the "norm" it wasn't acceptable. I have strived my whole life to be accepting of all situations until the situation itself proves unfit.

Thin_Overeater said...

If I hadn't a clue until then? I'd probably faint from shock, then I'd deal with it. Of course lots and lots of Love, hugs and kisses.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

What would I do? Let the teasing begin....

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by at Lam(b). as for your post, I think that there are different issues at play in the scenarios you posed. Some are discipline matters, which I think in many cases are a teens cry for help. The trick is to pay attention to the warning signs before they become major problems.

But as far as sexual orientation, that is just who a person is, so a parent really shouldn't be disappointed about something like that. Everyone has to become who they are destined to be in this world, a parent's job is to help find out who that is and to support a timely and safe arrival.

Sleeping Mommy said...

I'd do what my mother would have done, and I always knew she would do.

Support them no matter what.

Oh I was afraid to disappoint her but I always knew I would have her support no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Love 'em the same - with my whole heart, As long as they are happy and healthy that is all I want.