Thursday, September 08, 2005

Answers to life's greatest questions

Okay! Here are the answers to your questions.

1. I go to bed around 10. In the winter, I'd like to tuck in right after supper, but I force myself to stay awake until the kids are in bed.
2. My bathroom is still that horrid shade of yellow. I do not plan to stay in this house, so I won't paint it. And we still have the vinyl purple shower curtain.
3. My favourite store, at least for clothes, is Cotton Ginny. We don't have one here though. Sad.Other than that, I love and adore the Christmas Store in Banff, Alberta.

1. Really? I don't do so well in the winter. I try and get as much sunlight as possible. I basically just hunker down and wait it out. I watch TV. I give myself permission to go to bed insanely early. We try and still get out of the house as much as possible, but it's not smart to drive an hour to town in -25 Celsius. I get really cranky.
2. My favourite childhood memory. Hmmm. Tough one. I would say the year my best friend gave me a snow white kitten for my birthday. I loved that cat! My mother didn't know I was getting a kitten (Ha!) and it was quite a day. I got to keep the cat. My friend's mother was not so popular for awhile.
3. 10 million dollars. First, I'd pay off my student loans, and any other debts. I hate being in debt, even though the student loans were important! Then I'd buy a home, I'm not sure where. I would give some to friends and family, and then I would travel. Slowly. Let my kids experience other parts of the world. I might start my own business, as well.

1. Unlimited vacation, I would head to South Korea. I miss the food, the culture, all of it. Well, not all. The smell I can do without. After being there for awhile, I'd love to travel the world, with lots of time spent in Egypt and South Africa. If I have unlimited funds, then I'm taking all my friends with me, too!
2. Toast - white if I get to choose. But Hubby only buys wheat, so wheat it is.
3. Last meal - Appy would be artichoke and crab dip. Mashed potatoes with lots of butter and salt, Fiddleheads with lemon, grilled salmon. For dessert it would be something chocolate, maybe chocolate dipped strawberries. To drink, white wine, and then coffee with Kahlua and cream.

1. I miss teaching so much! I do plan to go back, in fact, I never planned to leave. But babies happen, and I couldn't leave that little critter once I'd seen her.
2. I hate the long winter, the dark. I don't mind the snow. I actually love snow. It's the dark and the cold I hate. I get depressed in the darkness, and I like to be on the go too much to appreciate -25 or colder. It's not a good idea to go out driving in that weather. By about January I am pretty miserable.
3. Greatest fear - not being able to breathe. I'm claustrophobic. I guess that's more of a phobia. My biggest worry/fear is that something will happen to one of my children or my husband.

1. Mustard goes on a ham sandwich, naturally. Maybe a bit of Miracle Whip, too. Mayo doesn't belong anywhere.
2. Do I have to choose?! I guess I'd be the hundcuffEE. (good lord, my MOTHER reads this blog!)
3. My favourite holiday is Christmas! All the way! I love Christmas! Only 107 days to go!

1. I don't know about anyone else, but love Australians. I love the accent. I love the happy-go-lucky attitude they seem to just be born with.
2. Pants and shirts - fold. Unders, bras, socks, scrunched and shoved into a drawer.
3. He can sleep with however he wants if he shares the million with me!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Nicely did, honest as Abe. Not to worry about running out of air. I have recommended that when Saddam is executed that the oxygen he would have used should be put on eBay. So you can always buy that.

Raehan said...

You are so good to go to bed early. I wish someone would make me do that. Will you be my mommy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks :o)