Friday, October 07, 2005

Women. Can't live with them...

I've discovered I don't like girls. At times, I wish I could claim to be some other gender. Not a boy, because they have their own set of issues. But girls, they get annoying.
We were watching TV last night, and a woman said something like "They are strong women." That's nice and all, but I don't want to be a strong woman. I want to be a strong person. It irritates the hell out of me that a woman can make statements like "I want the women's team to win. They are strong women and deserve it." and everyone thinks "Oh, she's so proud of what she can do. Go Girl Power!" If a man said "The men on this team should win. They are strong men, and they deserve it" we would take him out and shoot him at dawn, glad to rid the world of one more chauvinist.
Girls get catty. They snipe at each other, bring out the tears, and say "I feel" an awful lot. That makes me cringe. Yes, I get snippy, I cry, and I talk about my feelings. But not in a work place, not to get ahead, and not as if it's my right. I like the way men fight. They say what the mean, they say it and move on, no one cries, and it's over. No big scenes, no picking sides for the next week based on crap like "but she's my friend".
Women say they want to be treated as equals, and they are tired of being seen as sex objects. Then they use whatever sexy tricks they know to make the sale. The eyelashes flutter, the cleavage peeks out of the business suit, and the hair is flowing all around, even if it might get tangled in the paper shredder some day. We are one breathy giggle away from channeling Marilyn Munroe.
In high school and college my best friends were always guys. They were straight forward and honest. If we went out on a Friday night together, they could say things like "Don't sit to close to me, or other girls will think I'm with you" and it would be okay. We would all have fun, and the night would end with a great game of pool, no cheating allowed. A girls night out generally meant at least one session in the bathroom while Girl A said "Can you believe she's wearing that? She looks like a hooker! And the way she is all over that guy!" and Girl B meanwhile is out dancing up a storm with the hot guy Girl A had "claimed" for herself an hour ago. The evening ends in tears, screaming, and whining along the lines of "She puked all over my new shoes! What a cow! I hate you all....sob sob."
Sometimes I think we should send out a memo: "Attention all feminists. We have achieved equality. In fact, we've surpassed it, and now it's time to stop asking for special treatment. If we want to be paid/treated/respected like men, we need to start acting like them. So quit your whining and bitching."
I already can feel the pink tinted animosity heading my way.


J&J'sMom said...

In fact, you could say that about a lot of "groups" nowadays. Stop drawing attention to yourself if you don't want to be singled out! You go! ;0)

Beth said...

Oh I agree totally ........and now that you've reminded me - most of my best friends from high school on were men!! The last twenty years, fate has had me working with women. Before that it was always with men. Work wise - I'll take the men!! They don't bring their personal stuff to the job!!

Michelle said...

I agree too. it's hard to be friends with other women. I always have a much better time hanging out with the guys :)

TC said...

I agree. All of my favorite jobs have been in offices of men, because men are just so straight forward. If they have an issue with you, they tell you, to your face.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I completely understand this. My wife is the same way, and she gets along with men a lot better than women "with issues." Too many women come with issues and tissues, and instead of football and gall.

Christie said...

Yeah, feminism isn't about having women be above men (then we'd be no better than men were in the 50s). It's about equal rights.

Amber said...

Oh, A-MEN!

My husband often says I'm a guy in disguise. Now, now...not because I have a mustache or something; no, I'm quite girly looking and acting, but because I just don't put him through all that crap. I get his humor and I try like hell to understand where he's coming from.

I like men. I always have. And I get along better with men than most women. My girlfriends have to have a wicked cynical sense of humor that covers a broad area (heh..she said, "broad") to be friends with me and a high BS meter too.

Obviously, I don't have many girlfriends. That's kinda sad but...honestly, I just can't handle all that "grrrrl power" BS. Blech.

Lisa said...

Just wanted to drop by and wish you, hubby and the kidlets a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mmmm....I just love the smell of a roasting turkey!

J's Girlfriend said...

I know everyone else says this, but Oh my God I agree wholeheartedly. Girls... they're just no fun.

Or maybe I just like having all the male attention to myself.