Thursday, December 22, 2005

I couldn't wait for Girl Terror to start talking. Now, most days I would give her my last piece of chocolate if I thought it would silence her for a minute. Still, I can't help but think I will miss her little conversations, filled with her own language. For some reason, almost all words start with "T". So, "cookie" is "tookie", "Coke" is "Toke" and my personal favorite, "kitty" is "titty". She sure does love her Titty. She pronounces "th" as just "h", which means she hinks she needs somehing. For breakfast she eats yo-yurt. For the longest time, she called videos "yo-ee-yo"s. This morning, she told Hubby that although the song goes "We're all together again, hurrah hurrah", she is going to say furrah, furrah because she is still little, you know. When she gets to be big, then she'll change the words.
She can do that, you know. Just up and change the words, the rules, the entire world if she so pleases. Just because she's little.


Bethany Hiitola said...

And why should she feel any different? ;-) And hell, let her have her way now, and feel important. We all know what happens when she really does grow up to be an adult--that fun stuff? Gone. Control and Importance? Definitely gone.

debby said...

tooo cute. When my son was a baby he couldn't say "L"'s.."Milk" was "Muk." Appetizing eh?

Beth said...

I remember your sister Meg couldn't say "L" Always bring it up at Christmas dinner. We would drive around looking at Xmas lights and she would be saying 'oh yook, yights! Yots & Yots of yights!' Also spaghetti was 'pissghetti' which kinda took the romance out of Italian night at the dinner table.