Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cleaning out the pool.

I might have ranted about this before, but I don't remember, and Carmi got me thinking again. I think we should let the stupid people remove themselves from the gene pool. Laws protecting children are great, but once a person reaches adulthood, let them make smart, or stupid, choices.
The law says we must wear seatbelts. That's a good idea. Smart people don't need to be forced to wear a device that keeps one from dashing one's brains out the front window. I figure, it's not hurting anyone but yourself if you refuse to wear one. So why is it a law? Don't police officers have enough to do without having to watch out for idiots trying to kill themselves?
Bike helmets. You must look like a dork to ride a bike. If the spandex shorts aren't enough, strap a plastic mushroom to your head. Obviously, if you sail over the handlebars, you are going to wish you looked like a dork, rather than now looking like roadkill. If you make the choice to have windblown hair rather than intact brains, I think that should be your perogative.
If a skier decides to take a run down the side of the mountain that is closed, complete with huge scary signs that say "DON'T GO THIS WAY", and then the skier gets stuck and half the county has to go save him, I think the skier should have to foot the bill. Helicopters aren't free, after all.
I have more rants building up, but I'll save them for another day. Hint: Lawsuits. If you're stupid enough to stick your hand in the blender, don't come crying to me.


Northern_Girl said...

Have you read the warnings listed on various products lately? The shallow end of the gene pool needs some more chlorine.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Seatbelts, helmets, warning signs, etc., are all ploys of the insurance industry. See, the less you get hurt in an accident, the less they have to pay to fix you up. Did it surprise you to know that State Farm was the prime pusher for seat belts?

I agree with you. Caveat emptor, or: Let the stupid beware.

Lisa said...

I agree! Let the stupid people weed themselves out... lol... Michele sent me!

Carolyn said...

That's telling 'em! I agree, lol!

Here from Michele's :)

Anonymous said...

Rants are great... Carry on! :)

Hope you're having a good weekend. Take care.

Here via Michele's :)

Anonymous said...

hey they have an award for that!! You should borrow my copy of the darwin awards it is hilarious some of the stupid ways people remove themselves from the gene pool!!

carmilevy said...

Thanks for the link!

I remember when I was a lifeguard, this one family came to the pool every day and let their psychotic sons run wild. I seriously thought these kids were mentally deficient. Whistling them down, kicking them out of the pool for a timeout and lecturing them didn't seem to change anything.

Worse, Mom and Dad would ignore them all day - figuring that someone else was watching over them. Every once in a while, one of them would yell at me for being hard on the kids.

Not a day went by that I didn't secretly wonder what would happen if they ended up becoming hood ornaments because they were so remarkably stupid.

Fast forward a few years. I open my newspaper. Dad's been convicted for running a gun running operation to terrorists from his suburban Montreal home. The wife leaves him. The kids are nowhere to be seen.


debby said...

I love to live dangerously - I tore the tag off of my mattress once..

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Stupid people have more rights than smart people. Plus, there's always that "jury of one's peers' thing if a stupid person does get caught. What are his PEERS going to do to him? I think all juries should be composed of people who have scored high on an IQ test.