Wednesday, February 22, 2006

He's learning oh so much!

Things the Boy Terror has learned in the last few days:

1. A toddler bed has no restraint system. Get in and out as you please.
2. The gate at the top of the stairs finally succumbed to the pressure (literally) and is no longer attached to the wall. It can be shoved aside, allowing anyone to walk up and down the stairs.
3. The shoes are at the bottom of the stairs!
4. Napping is optional.
5. Climbing on the back of the couch is guaranteed to get a parent's attention. Repeatedly.
6. Mummy's sense of humour is directly related to napping, climbing, and shoe relocation.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

As soon as the child learns shoe TYING, your work will be done....

debby said...

What an educational week he has had. You must be exhausted!

JustLinda said...

NO! Napping is NOT optional! They should nap every day until they leave for college. hahah

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