Saturday, March 11, 2006

She loves her Daddy

It's pretty obvious which parent is currently Girl Terror's favourite. Actually, if we're being honest here, he is always her favourite. He has been since the very beginning.
I just tiptoed in to kiss her goodnight, like I do every night. She happened to wake up as I tucked her blanket around her. "Daddy?! Oh....I thought you were my Daddy." Sigh.
Daddy was not home this evening at bedtime. He normally puts Girl Terror to bed, and I settle Boy Terror down to sleep. There is apparently an entire routine that I did NOT follow. Hubby reads a book to her, sings a prescribed set of songs, and I'm not sure what else. At any rate, tonight I did it wrong. I assured her that when her Daddy came home, he would come in and kiss her, even though she would be sound asleep. And he did, but she didn't stir. So, when I roused her on my way to bed, she instantly thought her beloved Daddy had come home to her at last. I did what any sensible mother would do. I went and told Hubby to go kiss her.
He quietly slipped into her room, and leaned over the bed. "DADDY!!" You're home!!" I could practically feel the wiggles of joy from the hallway. Now she will sleep happily, and come morning, she will bounce out of bed, calling "Daddy! Today YOU will get up with me!" I will smile, and curl up tighter under the blankets.


Mary P. said...

That's so sweet. My kids all ebbed and flowed in their attachments to their dad and I, and each state has certain advantages for the parent.

Getting to sleep in while daddy does early morning duty would be a definite PLUS!

Drama Mama said...

Doesn't it just make you feel like chopped liver when they do that??

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Dear-Mrs.-Does-Everything-Else-But-Gets-No-Credit: So, how are things?

Jessica said...

My little boy is like that right now, only with me. I'm usually the one that puts the kids to bed, since my husband often works late. Whenever my boy is a little anxious about something, like a a big change, he almost has to have his routine, and he routine means me. Last night my husband was a little hurt that even though I got two hugs, two kisses and two "I love you's," he had to ask for just a hug.

Hope Wilbanks said...

That's just how it is. Same here. My husband is my daughter's favorite. And my son favors me. Well, he always has, but here lately he's beginning to choose Rob over me, too. *sob* ;)

Prego said...

it's 60/40 split in my household. my wife gets 60 percent of the love. it's the 2 year old that swings the meter in her favour. i'll remember that sh*t when he wants a new bike.