Saturday, April 29, 2006

My baby boy is two.

My baby boy turned two today. You can read about his arrival in this world Here.

He is an amazing child, this son of mine. His smile can light up the world, but he doesn't share it with just anyone. You have to earn a smile with him. I love hearing him call his sister to play with him. "Play, Aye-Aye, play!" as he motors down the hall. His Daddy makes the sun rise and set, and keeps the stars in line. Every morning, he laughs and giggles while asking for "hugs! MORE kisses! MORE!" when Hubby is getting ready to leave for work. Every afternoon, he watches out the window, and sings the "Where oh where oh where is Daddy?" song. His soft hair tickles my neck when he snuggles in to read with me. Many days, I cannot remember why I ever thought I wouldn't have children.
I know already what kind of life I want for this wonderful little boy. I want him to be steady like his father. He needs to remember how much he loves books, and continue to "read" voraciously. I hope he continues to wake up everyday with a smile on his face, saying "good morning, sun!" with all the enthusiasm he can muster. May he always want to hug and kiss his parents as they leave the house. Saying I love you ("wuff uu") for no reason, many times a day, is good for the soul. An apology and a hug go a long way toward healing physical and emotional wounds. Nothing is better than warm jammies and a snack.
I know that realistically, we may have days when hugs and smiles are not on the agenda. There are years ahead that may not include kissing his mother good-bye. But if, at the end of his childhood, he is happy, healthy, and whole, I will be pleased. If he is happy and the world can see it in his face, I will be thrilled. If he is known as a decent and good man, with a big heart and a quick mind, I will be proud beyond belief. He might grow up to win a Nobel prize, or teach, or create. It doesn't matter, because I will still be his Mummy, and he will always be my baby.


Drama Mama said...

Happy Birthday Little One!! They are soooo cute when they start the I wuff uu thing..

Mary P. said...

Happy Birthday!!

Don't assume you'll lose the goodbye's, though. My son is seventeen, and he still gives me a hug goodbye at the door. No kisses any more, and the hug is a one-arm job - and his chin rests on the top of my head when I get it!!! BUT, if I'm not waiting by the door, he'll come and find me to give me my hug. (Well, he will if he can see me. Otherwise he forgets, because, like his mama, he's way absent-minded...)

He's a good kid.

Strange to think of your "little one" being able to rest his chin on the top of your head...

Rootietoot said...

These are the days that will carry you through trials in the future. Write them down, keep pictures, and never , ever forget that your child will always wuff uu no matter what he might say.

JustLinda said...

Awwww... happy birthday to your little guy!!!