Monday, June 12, 2006

Growing up is hard to do.

The Suck It Up Princess feeding plan was going so well, I decided to add another level of horror. I took away the bottles. Yes, my two year old was still drinking from a bottle. In my defense, it was only at nap or bedtime, and it was only water. I didn't have to rock him, just plunk him down in bed with his bottle of water, and go. He drank two bottles at bedtime, one during the night, and one at naptime. Anyway. On Sunday, we told him he is a big boy now, no more baby, and it was time to say good-bye to the bottles. I told him if he wanted he could take a sippy cup of water to bed like his sister. He cheerfully helped toss them all in the garbage (thus insuring I couldn't back out) and seemed okay with it. Until nap. He screamed throughout the entire naptime. Bedtime, he was still upset. Crying, howling, throwing the sippy cup. Tonight went better, but there was still sobbing and bellowing. "MUMMY!! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Hubby finally pointed out that Boy Terror always, always, always drinks from an orange sippy cup. I have been giving him a blue one at bedtime. Oh.My.God.
I just went and checked on Boy Terror and peeled the orange sippy cup from under his chin, and tucked his blankets all around him. It's a rough, cold world, but with an orange sippy cup he just might make it.


Lisa said...

When I weened my son from the bottle (at age 2), I took one bottle away at a time. First one to go was his morning bottle. A week later, the naptime bottle went. Two weeks later, "Bye-bye bedtime ba-ba." Doing it in phases was less traumatic for BOTH of us.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing you did with bottles and pacifiers(?), we threw them away. We did away with bottles at 12 months and pacifiers at age 2years, but I never let my girls sleep with sippy cups. I left the sippy cups on the night stand and they could get a drink if need, but they could not take it into the bed. Pacifiers were much harder that the bottles. I, like you had to throw the pacifiers in the garbage so I would not give in. We had tears, screaming and lots of bad nights for a while.

Good Luck ... Don't give in. Good luck with the job and new house.

Mary P. said...

Wow. You just don't do things by halves, do you? Tomorrow, I think you should start potty training!! LOL

It'll get better in short order! Hang in there.