Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dressed and ready for the day!

This morning, Girl Terror decided to "help" Boy Terror get dressed. I sat upstairs, listening and giggling. Here is a sampling of what I heard:

"First, shorts. No, NOT THOSE ONES. Here, these ones."
"This shirt or this one? Which one? No, not THAT one! It doesn't match. It's not a choice, otay? Choose from these ones. They match."
"Lay down. Lay down! Lay down! There. Thank you for listening. Good listening!"
"Stand still! I doing it, otay? Otay? OTAY?! Otay. I doing it. That's better."
"Go ask Mummy to do your socks. I don't DO socks."

Boy Terror appeared upstairs, dressed in matching shorts and shirt, pleased as punch that his sister had helped him get dressed. I was impressed, because he actually matched. Maybe GT is catching on after all!
Then she came up. I was expecting too much, I guess. Today she is wearing a turquoise frilly skirt, a white shirt with green stripes and a watermelon on the front, and bright red socks. All her favourite clothes, all at once. In her world, only boys have to match, I guess.


Twisted Cinderella said...

That is such a riot! Too funny! Thanks for the smile today!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Only boys match, but the GT is matchless.

Rootietoot said... know...she doesn't have to look at herself.

Mary P. said...

Bwah-ha! Read this on bloglines and then came in to post a comment, hoping to see pictures (bloglines doesn't always show them). No pictures - except the ones in my head, which are very funny! Your kids are too cute!

Beth said...

Frilly turquoise skirt?? Green striped shirt with watermelon?? Hey those are the clothes I sent!! Not the red socks though - that's just WRONG!! lol

Unknown said...

at least you know you ahve a budding fashionista in your midst ... now if only she learns color coordination then we're all set ...

Dreama said...

I love overhearing little ones talk, particularly when you know they are paraphrasing you...heh heh.