Monday, July 10, 2006

Looking for Mary Poppins.

I started looking at daycares today. Arghh. Suddenly, I just want to stay home and raise my babies myself. I know I'm being unreasonably picky, but still....I'm choosing a place for my children to spend their days, and it's agonizing. We currently have a shortage of qualified child care providers here in the Yukon, so not only am I looking to the perfect place, I'm also looking for any place that has an opening.
I know I'm doing the best thing. I want to go back to work, I love teaching. I think that being with other kids will be wonderful for Girl Terror, and Boy Terror needs to find his own way, apart from his sister. This decision to have both Hubby and I working was made with plenty of thought. But still, I'm dragging my feet. One place was too industrial. The director at one was too weird for my taste. I'm not sure I liked the chaos at a third (but really. A room full of kids, the end of the day, chaos should be happening!).
I took Girl Terror with me this afternoon, and I think a big part of my problem is the fact that she had no problem walking away from me. She played, explored, and never looked back to see what I was doing. She introduced herself to other little girls, and stayed away from that little boy who was trying to eat gravel. I kept watching and waiting, wondering if she would notice I wasn't right beside her. She never did.


Rootietoot said...

*sigh* It's both heartening and sad when your child has enough confidence that THEY DON'T NEED YOU. I mean, as mothers, we want to be needed, most of the time.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Uh, oh. If she doesn't need you, maybe you need her. Rats. This is so complicated.

Good luck, Mom. It will work out.

Turtle Runner said...

I feel your pain. I put my kids on a waiting list in September 2005, and the preschool called me today to tell me they finally have an opening for my son. Thankfully I found another preschool back in September that took both of my children at the same time. You'll find the balance soon!

Anonymous said...

Girl's reaction is a testament to your super parenting. The sign of a well adjusted child is to go off without a care. She knows you will be there for her. It's the ones who aren't so sure who cling and stay close. Bravo.

Mary P. said...

Here I am!! Only you're way up there and I'm way down here. And me with two spaces for September, too. Nuts.

Sometimes the kids who leave without a care the first day are clinging to your knees three weeks later, having suddenly noticed, "Hey! This keeps happening!!"

But some lovely little things just slip in with barely a ripple. Poignant, but a Good Thing. :-)

Jenny said...

I'm getting ready to register my youngest for preschool, and I'm freaking out. I already KNOW she doesn't care if I'm there, and I'm okay with it.