Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wine really adds to the game.

Last night some friends of ours came over for a game of poker. I love poker, too bad I am so bad at it. Truly bad. I keep a "cheat sheet" next to me so I don't forget what hand will beat what. Add a bottle of wine to the mix, and I might as well just hand over my ten bucks. It's a five dollar buy in, but I usually end up buying in a second time.
Anyway. Last time we played, I won. Woo hoo! It was a surprise, I was thrilled, and we all basically thought of it as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Until last night!! I won! Again!
I'm thinking of quitting teaching and going on the pro circuit full-time. I will wear mirrored sun glasses and a visor. I will have a cool nickname (suggestions are welcome) and I will be the hero of the Yukon. Hubby will be able to quit working, and I will support us all in the style we would like. Perhaps I will buy an RV so the whole family can come with me to tournaments!
This has been a life changing experience. If $16.00 can do this much for me, imagine what will happen once I break $20! The world is my oyster!


Anonymous said...

nice to see you have found time to relax and enjoy over the holiday season...if you're lucky now, you should charge people to rub your knee for luck, lol...

debby said...

I think the KEY is the mirrored sunglasses..never let 'em see ya sweat..