Sunday, January 14, 2007

Things I never thought I'd need to know.

Today hubby was changing Boy Terror's diaper (no, he's still not potty trained), and in the course of the conversation, I pointed out that he needs to wipe better. I also said the word "smegma". In front of my daughter.
Never mind the fact that I obviously forget that I'm a mother once in awhile. Get over the horror that in going to happen, when Girl Terror says "smegma" in front of other people.
I need information, people. Is there a "correct" term here that I just don't know? I grew up with sisters, in a house where the name for a vagina was "susie". Needless to say, I have never needed to know how to address this topic before. I asked Hubby what guys call it. He said "Nothing. It is not spoken of. We do NOT talk about smegma." Great. Help me out here. How can I teach Boy Terror (since his father is going to go with the time honoured Code of Male Silence) about genital cleanliness if I don't have the words?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I for one would be completely impressed if I saw a young child say smegma, and think that the mother totally rocked.
The only other term I have heard for smegma is "fromunda"... as in from under... in a joke.
Do you like fromunda cheese?
Yeah... I think I will leave it at that! let me know if you need me to tell you the rest!

Mary P. said...

The word is 'smegma', and all those guys have to learn to be men, and stop being such wusses about it. Your boy can be the first of the new breed.

So there.

Mary P. said...

(My son is uncircumcized, too, and it was just 'smegma' or, occasionally from him, back when that s-m blend was too hard to say, 'that white stuff'.)

Raehan said...

I don't use the word smegma, because honestly, I had never heard it before, but I have no problem using the word vagina. What's wrong with it?

Alice-Anne said...

Well, my son calls his penis his boonie (long story), but he knows the real word too. I don't recall if I have ever used the word smegma. I have just always taught him to pull the skin back and clean himself. I think we call it gunk- maybe just dirt too. Or stuff, as in "be sure to clean your boonie and get all the gunky stuff off". (As an aside- his foreskin has been pretty retractabel from a young age and now at nine is only still connected in one tiny spot, yet a friend of his barely retracts at all. I guess it is a lot harder to clean if you can't pull it back much.)

Anonymous said...

O.K. - I raised girls. Smegma is a new word on me!

But a vagina was always a vagina, and a boys penis was a penis.

jenny said...

eeerrrr, help, I have a five year son and have never noticed it that much... should I be looking closer? i must admit the focus has been on keeping his bottom clean, every time he passes wind he needs a quick wet wipe or a shower!