Saturday, February 17, 2007

Busy place

Today, Girl Terror and I went to the Air Show. Of course, there was no air show. The snow and wind kept all the planes on the ground, but we still got to walk around, climb in and out of planes, and talk to pilots. This air show is an annual event here, part of Sourdough Rendevous
Rendevous is what happens when you lock a bunch of slightly odd people up in their cabins/houses/snow caves for too long. The Yukon Quest started last weekend, but we didn't go see the dogs take off. I signed up at work for the betting pool, but I see my guy is currently running in 19th place. If he loses I get my money back!! That's the best I can hope for now!!
Rendevous this year is pretty low-key, because the entire territory is focused on the Canada Winter Games, set to begin here next weekend. We will see approx. 3500 athletes, coaches, and officials here, plus the families and visitors that come along. Remember, the population here is under 24,000. It's not a huge city. To have something this big happening here is amazing! I might not be able to leave the house, the grocery shelves will most likely be empty (all our food comes by truck), and all normal business will be suspended, but the excitement!! The visitors!! We might be on the TV!!!
If you are watching, and see a family of redheads fighting the crowd for the last jug of milk, you can let me know you saw me. I'll wave!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Better get in on the snow games. One more participant would hardly be noticed, and you might win something. Maybe.

Dreama said...

I am GLAD not to be in town for the Winter Games...what a zoo it shall be...and all the local drunks will be around to trip over.

I hope the whole thing goes smoothing though, and that the kids get to enjoy the games and being in the Yukon.

redheads huh...I shall keep my eyes open when I watch local coverage, lol.