Sunday, March 11, 2007

update on the Boy Terror

In answer to the question "where is his time-out?"

Our time-out spot is a little hallway ending, nook type spot between the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. We put up the baby gate, and the child is in a square space about 2.5 feet square. Nothing else is in there. The walls are white. Nothing to see, nothing to do. We walk away and he/she is all alone. Both kids are capable of simply moving the baby gate, but they don't. They know that this is time-out, and you stay until Mummy says so.
We may have found something that works. Last night we took away a toy he was misbehaving with, and he really didn't like that. So I'm thinking it's time to take things away. He hates to lose his "baby". This little plastic dolly sleeps with him, and he carries it around quite often in the house. Perhaps losing "baby" when he does something like hitting will make him think twice.
Truly, he's a wonderful little boy. But he's two, almost three, and it's time to push Mummy and see what happens!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well good luck, Mom. And good luck little boy, too!

Anonymous said...

My son Daniel was similar - time out only meant imaginary playtime for him, he would run pretend cars up the walls while he was in time out and it never phased him. Good job on finding your sons "currency."

Azgreeneyes said...

I know the feeling. We're still looking for our sons 'currency' and I'm going crazy in the meantime! A week and a half ago, he was so uncaring about being grounded from his stuff that I boxed his whole room up (he's 7) and let me tell you, he didn't see that coming!

Undercover Angel said...

I hope taking his baby away works. Eventually you will get through this.

Rootietoot said...

Taking stuff away worked well for 3 of my boys. I still do it, and they're teens. You wanna hear howling? take away car keys.
Best wishes! May everyone pass through the 2's relatively intact.

Anonymous said...

Well, I couldn't take his baby away. That seems cruel. My son had a blankie and I would never use his comfort things against him. In fact that was often the only thing he was allowed to have in timeout. I would try taking away other things. For awhile putting favorite toys on top of the refridgerator worked or lsoing the right to watch a special TV show.
Dang this parenting thing is hard. I lost it with mine yesterday and he is 9 now.