Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Birthday plans!

Boy Terror is turning three this weekend! For the first time, we are having a "kid" party. It's hard to believe, but Girl Terror has never had a birthday party with other kids. Well, once there were 3 boys there, but only because I insisted that they be permitted to attend with their parents. She has always wanted a party with the adults in her life. She invites Peter, Sherry, and Scott. She sometimes thinks of Natalie and Dave (parents of 3 boys) but never the kids. Weird child, I know. So! Boy Terror is having our first party with people under 4 feet tall. Any tips? Cake ideas? Easy games/activities? Adults are easy. Break out the wine, BBQ some food, and they are happy. I don't think anyone is going to let me get their child drunk....


Anonymous said...

There's the old rule of thumb: one guest per year of age of host. Thus, three guests this year. I haven't always abided by it - and thus learned there's a good reason for it!

Really, they don't need much in the way of entertainment. They'll have each other. As long as there's a cake with candles, they'll be happy. (How involved do YOU want to be?)

Balloons are always good, assuming all the guests are at least the age of the Birthday Boy. (Nobody likely to bite one?)

- toss them in the air. See if you can keep them in the air. Play catch with them. (Nothing really organized, just 20 balloons and four small boys, throwing them and catching them.)
- stomp on them. Great for kids who don't mind the noise.
(For older kids, tie a balloon onto their ankle, and try to stomp the other guy's while not getting your own stomped.)
-bat the balloon with another balloon.
-rub them against their heads and stick them to a wall
Lotta mileage in balloons at this age.

Hot potato, with the prize inside being something with enough for everyone.

Do they do crafts?
Do they like to sing?
Do they just like to run around like shrieking banshees? (In which case, a mini-tramp, an obstacle course, a few nerf balls inside, or big sturdy balls outside.)

owlfan said...

We do the "one guest per year of age" too. I only started parties at 4, so I've never done a 3 yo party with kids, but keep it short. I think I did about 1.5 hours and it was plenty of time for the kids, until they hit about 6 years old.

Nestor Family said...

A good site... www.birthdayswithoutpressure.org

It has some wonderful ideas... and it keeps it all simple.

Anonymous said...

Pinatas are always a good idea.

Rootietoot said...

is there a playground where you could have it? Built in activities.3 is a little young for structured games, I think, but an hour of running amuck is a good thing. Have drinks for the parents, and twice as much cake as you think you need, because other kids on the playground might show up. I had a 5 yr old's party on a playground, and all I had to do was provide drinks,food and party favors.