Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Woman of the Year Award

Note: I told my friend that I would be using her story on my blog. She is aware of the fact that I am telling the entire internet about this incident. But I did promise to change her name. Because seriously, who wants to have people KNOW about this kind of stuff?!

We have all done stupid, stupid things. Everyone has moments where the brain shuts down, and common sense takes a hike. Most of us manage to control the situation with no one the wiser. Not my friend "Sally". No. "Sally" came to work and told us all the story. That way we got to yell at her, and then when the happy ending came along, we got to laugh at her. Lots and lots of laughing at her. And worrying about her family, but mostly laughing at her.
Two days ago, "Sally" at work came into the staff room, sat down, and said "It was the oddest thing. When I dropped my kids off at my parent's place this morning, there was an ambulance in the driveway."
Then she got up and poured herself a cup of coffee. Just another day, another dollar.
We all gaped at her. I think we were waiting for the rest of the story, like "But the ambulance was really just a friend dropping in." or "But the ambulance was for the neighbour." Pretty much anything, to make this all be so....okay. Obviously it was okay, since here she was, sipping coffee and chatting, right?!
Finally I asked "Where are your kids now?" and she said "Oh, at my parents place."
"Well, who was the ambulance for?"
"I don't really know. Probably my mom, since she hurt herself last week."

La la la. Drinking coffee. All the other women were sitting there, staring at her like she had just grown a full boob on her forehead. Or left her children with people who had need of an ambulance.

"You didn't go in and CHECK?"
"No, I heard voices coming from their bedroom, and I didn't want to interrupt, so I just told the kids to go downstairs and be quiet, and then I came to work. What, you think I should have gone in?"
"Um, YES you should have gone and checked! Checked to make sure your parents are both still alive! Make sure there hasn't been a terrible accident! Make sure they still feel like babysitting today!"

At this point she looked at all of us, and realized that perhaps she should have thought this all through a bit more. Very hesitantly, she asked, "So, do you think I should go get the kids? What will I do with them all day? I mean, they could come here, I suppose, but they are still in their jammies..."

Long story short, she went and checked. Mother was in hospital. She had fallen, and couldn't get up. Kids were fine. Grandpa took them home. "Sally" realized that she should perhaps drink her coffee first thing in the morning, so that things like ambulances would have an impression on her. We think she should win two awards, one for Worst Mother of the Year, and one for Worst Daughter of the Year.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Unbelievable. And if you didn't tell Sally you were going to blog about her and if she didn't know this story was on the internet, I would publicly announce that she is an idiot.

Oops, guess I just did. Hope Sally doesn't drink her coffee before she reads my comment!

Found you from the chick who made her kid the squiggly-lined cupcakes!

Dreama said...

holy shit. That was quite a boob moment in her life...

Anonymous said...

My husband says I should bookmark this page, so that when I tackle his question about whether we need a parenting license, I can make reference to the story.

"So," he says, "when someone makes such an hysterically BAD parenting decision, we can REVOKE THEIR LICENSE!!"

But I think everyone should get one "Get out of your boob moment free" card.

So, Sally is safe. However, Sally has used her card all up now...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wait a minute. I think she did the right thing. Look how it turned out, then ask yourself, "What could Sally have done?" Ans.: "Nothing, I guess, but jeeze...."