Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Does this make me a geek?

Facebook is taking over my life. Seriously. Even now, as I write this, I have facebook open in another window, so that if the idiot down the road (and you know who you are!) pokes me, I can be right on that.
This would be a wonderful program if I used it to keep in touch with long lost family and friends. You know, if I met up with my bestest friend from grade 5, and we found out that we live within walking distance, and a friendship was rekindled. Or if someone typed in my name, and found me to say "Hey, you made a complete difference in my life. Thanks to you, I'm a billionaire. Here, have a couple mil." But no. That's not what I do at all.
I become "friends" with people I haven't seen in years, and then I go look at their pictures. I try to figure out if they are happier/richer/prettier than me. After that, I might check in on them once a week. The rest of the time, I'm sending insane messages, tacky flowers, and sticky notes to people I see all the time. I could be writing a novel. I should be ironing. There are many, many tasks calling for my attention. But here I am, wondering if anyone else has updated their moods. Who else has listed their favourite movies? What new application could I be adding today?
So now I'm going to be all brave, and shut the computer down. I will not go check (I swear) to see who else is still awake. I will turn that Stalkbook off, and I will not check it until tomorrow afternoon. Really.

(If you really really need to poke me, send me a flower, or write me a sticky note, call and I'll turn it back on right away, okay?)


The New Parent said...

Hi AM--ummm, a little bit of a geek (smile). It can become such a habit to "check" things out---to keep in touch with the computer.

Good for you for taking a short break!

gmanSet said...

I wonder if I am the idiot down the road...