Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Terrors go to school

Background: Hubby and I are both teachers. This time of year, we both need time to go in to work, set up the classroom, and get our books in order. We also have two small children that the law says we cannot leave home alone, locked in the closet. So, we take turns. One day I go to work, and he stays home. Etc.

This morning, I decided to take the Terrors with me to work. It was Hubby's "day" to go, but I had stuff to do, and I figured they could play, romp, and explore my classroom. In the past I've taken Girl Terror to school, and she has been a model child. What she was doing was luring me into a false sense of safety.
I knew the plan might be flawed when Boy Terror chattered the entire drive to drop off Hubby. About his shadow. "There my shadow! Now it's over there! OHHHH! IT'S GONE!! Ah, it's back! My shadow is back, Mummy! My shadow is back, Mummy! My shadow is back, Mummy! My shadow is ARGHHH! My shadow is gone again!" Hubby smiled and said "Have a great day!"
The kids had been told to pack one toy. Girl Terror brought her dolly. Boy Terror packed 6 cars, a small basketball, and a stuffed cat. When we got to my room (blessedly gopher free for today, but that's another story) GT only wanted to play with her brother's stuff. He did not feel like sharing. So he shrieked. They both wanted to talk to me. While I was standing on the desk, stapling stuff to the top bulletin board, the tried to show me things they were finding on the floor. When I stepped into the hall to empty the trash can, they closed the door. The locked door. With the keys inside the room.
They fought over a desk. Yes, in a room with 26 desks, they both wanted to sit in the same one. They argued about the proper use of the window-opener crank. Neither was right. In two hours, I got approximately 4 minutes worth of work done.
This evening, they told their father that they had a great day! at school with Mummy. So much fun!! They were helping!!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Just think: Someday some other teacher will have them. Start feeling sorry for him/her now...

maryp said...

Oh, ugh. I'm tired just reading this.

Rootietoot said...

I've never figured out what it is with kids like that. Why *do* they have to have the same desk? Or the same green lego? What is UP with that?

Michele said...

ha. Typical kids.
Girl, I have so much catching up to do here! Somehow I lost track of you and just found a comment from you from 2005.