Friday, August 29, 2008

Meetings are SUCH FUN!!

Today was the first staff meeting of the year at my school. Technically, school doesn't start until Tuesday, but hey. We met anyway.
I do not like to talk about my job in less than glowy terms here, because I'm a wuss and I can't afford to get fired, but holy hell and all other forms of blasphemy. A two hour long staff meeting is NOT the way to inspire teachers, especially after a summer full of magazine reading, hammock lounging, and wine sipping.
The purpose of the meeting (and yes, of course there was a purpose) was to give us info that will be useful in the coming days. I personally used the time to hone my doodling skills, whisper with the teachers sitting next to me, and make lists of things I could be doing.
The upside of this whole morning o' learning is that I now feel deserving of the long weekend. I have been to work, I have seen the whites of the bosses eyes, and it exhausted me. I plan to spend the next three days doing nothing. Nada. Zilch.
Plus, Hubby laid down the law. I'm not allowed to go back to the school until Tuesday. Enough is enough, the OCD is taking over.
I can't wait for Tuesday....


Anonymous said...

nananabooboo!!! lol I will admit to not even missing nor thinking about the staff meeting fri,,,,although I would have loved to gossip and giggle with you!

carmilevy said...

As the husband of a teacher, I'll reserve comment. I will, however, nod slowly in a sign of respect and understanding.

My wife could have written exactly the same thing!