Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Change is good.

This fall, Boy Terror switched to a new Day Home. There was nothing really wrong with the one he has attended until now, but things were tense, I felt uncomfortable with his caregiver, and it was time for a change. (If you know me in "real life" and want to know the gory details, I'll share.)
At first I was a bit worried. Boy Terror needs routine and like his father, he considers change of any sort to be torture. I didn't know how he would react to a new place, new people, and possibly a completely new schedule. Back in July, I started telling him that in the fall, after summer vacation, he would be going to a new!!! wonderful!!! day care. It's all in the presentation, folks.
I worried for nothing. We are now into week two, and he loves it. Loves, loves, LOVES it. Girl Terror has never attended this day home, so he considers it all "his". His day care. His new friends. And most importantly, HIS Sandy.
She isn't just "Sandy". She is HIS Sandy. He considers her a personal possession, in the nicest of ways. He adores her. Nothing could make me feel better.
In the two years he spent at the previous place, he never once mentioned the woman in charge. He certainly did not love her. She was not a beloved "possession". When I picked him up, he was always happy, but I rarely saw the caregiver interacting with the children. She treated them well, but not....as if they were her own. Not that I expect that, but still. It was definitely a business atmosphere. Boy Terror didn't mind going, but given the choice he wanted to stay home. Not anymore.
Now, he can't wait to go to his new day care. He talks constantly about his day. When I pick him up, he is happy, and as I watch Sandy care for him, it is clear that she is not in this for the money. She truly loves the kids, and it shows. She is gentle, and calm, which suits Boy Terror perfectly. He thrives in quiet. She provides the quiet. She takes the children around town with her, just doing normal, every day things, but they see beauty in the fall colours, a fox on the side of the road, and they count school buses in the parking lot. She gives them snack, and with it she teaches basic hygiene, polite table manners, and quality home baking....which they have helped with.
He coughs into his elbow, and tells me "Sandy told me that was the best way". He waits for everyone to be seated before beginning to eat, because that is "how Sandy does it".
Can you tell I'm happy with the choice to change? For the first time since I started back to work, I feel 100% comfortable with leaving my child every morning.

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Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! It sounds like everyone can be happy with their daytime activities now. :)