Friday, October 03, 2008

The deliciousness of Terrors.

I don't mean to sound creepy, but is it normal to totally want to eat up your kids? The Terrors, when they aren't shattering my eardrums, are completely tasty. Yummy.
I like to snuggle. A lot. Very few people realize that about me, since I tend to give off a "Do Not Touch" vibe. So when Girl Terror was born, I couldn't wait to cuddle her, and have her curl right up against me.
Hmph. As soon as she could, that child pushed away. Yes, she loved me. But the whole world was out there to see! She didn't come back for snuggles until around the age of 3. Now, she adores "Hugs, snuggles, kisses" time. She does her best, but she is bony. Pokey. Her elbows, knees, and even her butt, are instruments of torture. But because I like to wrap up under a blanket and snuggle in tight, I put up with the bruises. Her hair is straight and satin, and smells like a clean little girl should. Her teeny hands are delicate and almost translucent. I love to just....breathe her in. I still kiss the bottoms of her feet, and each pink toe, whenever she'll let me.
Boy Terror was born to cuddle. He is soft, and squishy, and right from birth would curl up under my chin, and form his warm body against mine. He is now 4, and unless he's tired the snuggles are few and far between. He still gives me kisses all over my face, but he's running away as soon as he has planted the last one. His cheeks....oh, his cheeks. That's where the edible thing comes in. I constantly ask him if I can just slurp up his cheeks, and it makes him giggle that pure, innocent happy boy giggle. I find myself reaching out to hold his hand, stroke his hair, anything to have physical contact with him. I kiss his feet, too, but he's far less tolerant.
I know that in a few short years, I will be living with two tall, alien beings. Already I see the signs, when they sigh, and say things like "Mummy! Let me gooooo!!" But for now, I will kiss the toes, breathe in the hair, and slurp the cheeks as much as possible. It's a great diet.


WackyMummy said...

Hmmmm. Okay, I'm a little frightened. ;) Good to hear how much you're enjoying your children.

andrea said...

I hear you with the "bony" bum middle child is all angles and edges; can't sit still for a milli-second it seems:) And I agree...I have to try to not bite my kids feet. It's that inbred smell recognition thing or something; I just want to eat their feet...hee. Guess "wackymummy" should be frightened of me, too;)

Fawn said...

I am totally with you! Yesterday, Jade and I played the "I'm going to eat you up" game. Her right arm tastes like chocolate, her left arm tastes like milk. Her tummy tastes like cheese and one leg tastes like cookies. She suggested her toes and I wondered what they might taste like. "Corn!" she said. Just right for nibbling.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Same here!! Although, it was funny one day when I said to my husband: our boy has lost his new baby smell!! I love to cuddle with him so much. I am so glad that winter is coming so I can amaaq him (pack him on my back). That is one of the most wonderful things I took away from our time in the arctic.