Monday, December 21, 2009

The things boys say

Sometimes boys say things they really shouldn't. Or they blurt out stuff and they realize what a bad idea it was. Some examples from the "grown-up" boys in my life:

"Remember what your hairdresser said about your natural colour being beige?'s time to dye again."

"Women don't want honesty. They think they do, but when they get it, they realize that actually they just want the fairy tale."

When you are only a little boy, though, the things you say are just cute.

While helping me clean bathrooms: "I pee upstairs. Only Daddy pees down in this toilet. So.....this must be Daddy's mess." sigh. "I guess I better teach Daddy how to aim his penis better."

While playing poker with the entire family: "I want YOU to win this hand, Mummy, since you are losing so much."


Anonymous said...

Wow talk about creative editing!

SSTyrner said...

Boy Terror is such a smart little boy. Heeheehee! Teach that Daddy how to aim better! And he is so sweet to want his Mummy to win.

Where does all that sweetness go when little boys get older?

MaryP said...

I had a comment and blogger ate it! This one will be shorter, just...

Merry Christmas!