Sunday, May 29, 2011

Okay then!!

Thanks for all the support, guys!  I didn't realize anyone would still be checking on me.

Life in the Average household is going great.  Boy Terror got his tonsils out last week, and so a lot of ice cream has been consumed.  I made sure to eat it with him, so he wouldn't feel alone.  I'm nice that way.

Last week as we were driving, Boy Terror said "Mummy, I know what two sixteen's are....thirty two!" (I'm adapting to his habit of sharing random number info with me).  He then continued "and 4 x 8 is 32.  8 x 4 is 32.  15+17 is ALSO 32.  Oh, and 30 + 2 is 32, but everybody knows that!" then he giggled to himself and, I assume, continued thinking funny thoughts about numbers for the rest of the drive home.  He's cute, but very weird.

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Fawn said...

That's so awesome that he loves math so much!

I think you should have informed me that Boy Terror was getting his tonsils out. I totally would have been there to support you both in your ice cream eating quest.