Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas traditions

I am home today with Girl Terror.  She spent a good part of the night in the bathroom, feeling truly miserable, so I thought it might not be smart to send her to school.  We are in jammies and plan to watch copious amounts of TV today.  I'm a good mummy, making sacrifices!!
I was reading over at Hodgepodge and Strawberries about holiday traditions this morning.  I love the way Hannah's holiday sounds.  Very stress free! She inspired me to share MY family traditions with you.
We do not have family living close by, so we have never had to pack the Terror's into a car and head out into the Craziness.  Hubby is an introvert, both Terror's are complete homebodies, and so we spend a lot of time being quiet.
Our holiday starts any time after my birthday in November.  Usually I put the tree up the first weekend of December.  Every second year is Hubby's "turn" to choose decorations, and he goes with "tacky, bright, migraine inducing".  When it's my turn I choose a theme (this year is white lights with silver, blue and white decorations) and cover the entire house.  At some point I take Girl Terror to a local florist shop and we browse.  They decorate approximately 10 trees, and customers are free to shop right off the trees.  We choose one (or more) special decorations for that year.
Once school is out, we commit to complete relaxation.  At some point we watch Sound of Music and The Grinch (the original, of course!). There is a lot of Christmas singing.  Christmas eve we sip eggnog and then drive around to look at lights.  Christmas morning is a blur of wild hugs and shrieks. Around lunch time our friend Pete arrives, and he helps Hubby and I get turkey dinner ready.  Or, more likely, he gets the Terrors totally wound up and leans over the counter criticizing my cooking skills.  Either way, he's part of our family.
The rest of the holiday is spent doing as little as possible.  People visit us, we occasionally leave the house for groceries, but in general the goal is to be as lazy as possible.  Jammies are a totally acceptable outfit, every day. The leftovers keep us well fed.  We snuggle, we watch movies, and we breathe deeply.
Then it's back to the races!!


koreen (aka: winn) said...

May Girl Terror feel better soon! I hate it when the littles feel bad.

I love hearing about your completely normal Christmas traditions... right at home. As someone without a lot of family to visit, we've had to make our own traditions. And while none of these traditions will make the Griswolds weep, they suit us fine.

Unknown said...

Sounds perfect!