Sunday, October 27, 2013


This fall, I have nothing to complain about.  NOTHING.  My classroom is filled with delightful, brilliant students.  Yes, seriously!  They are funny and smart.  These semesters are always fabulous, until you realize that it is a calm before a storm.  Look out, next semester...  My workplace is a happy spot.  Teachers in my school are generally cheerful, upbeat people.  We look for the positives and take joy in every success.  Naturally there are a few miserable sorts, skulking around the staff room, acting as if the entire world has pissed them off.  But!  Mostly happy teachers.  Smart students.  Good days.

Life in the new house (almost one year here!  Wow!) is good.  The dust bunnies have made themselves completely at home.  The nooks and crannies are feeling like....well, like home.  It's a good place to be.

Girl Terror got braces yesterday.  She is so brave!  No complaining, nothing.  Her new purple wires delight her.  Right now, she is downstairs with her school friend, doing a science project.  They seem to be leaping around and shrieking more than I would expect, but I'm not a scientist.

Boy Terror is totally himself, and I adore him.  Not in public, though.  That would be horrifying.  His current obsessions are origami, paper airplanes, and mazes.  He makes mazes, he solves mazes, and he probably dreams mazes.  He's a quiet thoughtful creature.  I suspect he is just like his daddy was at this age.

Life just keeps on moving forward, and I feel blessed every day.  I promise to try to come back here more often!

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