Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New students, new thoughts

I am teaching all English 10 this semester, and I love it.  Planning 10 was fun and all, but I like the challenge of teaching English.  Plus, of course, I actually went to school to be an English teacher....

Today in class, as we were settling in, the students were talking about Planning 10.  Some of them took the course with a different teacher, and therefore had different assignments.  The biggest difference was that they did not have to take the Real Care Baby.

Things student A said that make me worry for our future:
"Can I take the class again, so that I can try the robot baby?  I think it sounds FUN!"
"I can BUY one?  For reals?!"
(To student S) "Hey, want to go halvsies with me on a robot baby?"
"I don't get jumbo shrimp.  Like, how is that real?  Shrimp are animals.  How is that an insult?  What?  It's not an insult 'cause of the animals?"

On the upside, I seem to have lucked into another semester full of really bright kids.  They are generally happy and fun.  In a perfect world I would be given semesters like this every year!

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