Friday, July 11, 2014


The main reason I survive winters in the Yukon is because summer here can be awesome.  CAN be.  Aren't always.  This year, things are average.  Temperatures not much above 20 C, a lot of rain/cloud days, and generally chilly.  But on the rare days that I see the sun, the Terrors and I pack up and hit the beach!  Our friends are there, the sun occasionally pops through, and I can always wear my hoodie if I get too cold.  My children are true Yukoners.  They do not appear to feel the cold, so they hang out in the frigid lake all day, turning blue.

I hope you are all loving summer as much as us!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

There was a time when I was sure I would not have children.  I didn't have that burning desire, like so many of my friends.  I was certain I would be a terrible mother.  Then I met Hubby, and slowly I changed, and one day I NEEDED a baby.
Now I can't imagine life without those Terrors.  They have changed me in wonderful ways.  I am a better person because of them, and they are truly my reason for living.
So today, I say "thank you" to my wonderful children.  May you always be proud to call me your Mummy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten? How can he be that old????

Boy Terror is ten years old today.  How can that be?!  My baby, my squishy little boy, is now in double digits.  He is not squishy anymore.  He's all long legs, solid jumping, and full of crazy laughs.
This child of mine is a mystery.  He told me yesterday he doesn't understand why people hate's so fun!  And easy!  I told him that when I was in school, I was a kid who hated math.  I did not find it fun, or easy.  He just sighed.  Poor kid, stuck with a mother who doesn't appreciate numbers.
I assumed that he was still floating through the world, oblivious to just about all his surroundings, until this week.  We were grabbing supper for the family at a drive-thru.  As we pulled away, he asked "Why do almost all the people who work in fast-food places have brown skin?"  I got to have a discussion with him that included bits about immigration, job markets, and the sense of entitlement many teens (and sadly, many local adults) have regarding work.
We had a birthday party for him, and the conversation among the young gentlemen went as follows:
-Poop.  Who pooped in the pool?  It was YOU, wasn't it???
-Best teachers in their short lives.
-Poop.  Generally, it is funny.
-Puffy cheezies, or crunchy?  It's a tough choice.
-POOP!  HA!!!
-Is diarrhea green?  Brown?  What about puke?  What color is best?

I love this child so much I can feel it.  He only hugs me when nobody is looking.  He lets me smother him with kisses first thing in the morning, and that has to keep me for the day.  His eyes are bright and taking in the entire universe.  I still can't believe he's so grown up, and I am so proud of the person he is becoming.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Let's find a cure for the cold

Just before I left for Hawaii, a nasty cold went through our house.  I refused (REFUSED!) to be sick for my vacation.  Sadly, I do not have the power to simply will myself better.  If I had that level of mind control I would not only be healthy, I would be 3 inches taller and 100 lbs lighter.  I also would have flawless skin and the voice of an angel.
One of my co-workers suggested a "brilliant" cure that she swears took away her bronchitis.  Cayanne pepper, garlic, and a bit of honey mixed together.  Take 1/2 teaspoon every 30 minutes.  Well.  WELL.  I tried it.
I forgot to tell you I might have an ulcer.  This is something I might have wanted to think about before pouring the sizzling fire down my throat.  It didn't burn my mouth, because I tossed it right to the back and down my throat.  It was....warm....going down.  And then the lava exploded in my insides, and I wanted to curl up and die.  I suspect smoke was coming out of my belly button.  My eyes streamed tears.  The oxygen when I breathed simply fed the fire.
My family was not very helpful.  Girl Terror looked at me as I clutched my gut, and said "I told you to google it first.  I knew it was a bad idea."  Hubby waited until I calmed down and then said "Just a still has to come OUT the other end!  Won't that be fun?"

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


We went on our first major family vacation over spring break!  Yay!  I was going to write a whole post about it, but Hubby got to it here's a link to a summary of the best 10 days of my life.  Maui vacation.  Check it out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New students, new thoughts

I am teaching all English 10 this semester, and I love it.  Planning 10 was fun and all, but I like the challenge of teaching English.  Plus, of course, I actually went to school to be an English teacher....

Today in class, as we were settling in, the students were talking about Planning 10.  Some of them took the course with a different teacher, and therefore had different assignments.  The biggest difference was that they did not have to take the Real Care Baby.

Things student A said that make me worry for our future:
"Can I take the class again, so that I can try the robot baby?  I think it sounds FUN!"
"I can BUY one?  For reals?!"
(To student S) "Hey, want to go halvsies with me on a robot baby?"
"I don't get jumbo shrimp.  Like, how is that real?  Shrimp are animals.  How is that an insult?  What?  It's not an insult 'cause of the animals?"

On the upside, I seem to have lucked into another semester full of really bright kids.  They are generally happy and fun.  In a perfect world I would be given semesters like this every year!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I'm ready!

I woke up this morning in the grip of Christmas Spirit.  Woot!  The tree has been up for a week, the crystal snowflakes hung, but my heart wasn't in it yet.  Maybe I had the perfect amount of sleep.  Maybe my body realized it is now December.  Who knows??  I went to an annual cookie exchange party this afternoon with a fabulous group of ladies, and now I have 9 dozen treats in my Christmas tree cookie jar.
Sometimes I think I might get ready a bit too early for the holidays, but it makes me happy so I don't actually care what anybody else thinks.  If you need me, I'll be tucked into my jammies, sipping hot chocolate and gazing at my tree.