Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten? How can he be that old????

Boy Terror is ten years old today.  How can that be?!  My baby, my squishy little boy, is now in double digits.  He is not squishy anymore.  He's all long legs, solid jumping, and full of crazy laughs.
This child of mine is a mystery.  He told me yesterday he doesn't understand why people hate math....it's so fun!  And easy!  I told him that when I was in school, I was a kid who hated math.  I did not find it fun, or easy.  He just sighed.  Poor kid, stuck with a mother who doesn't appreciate numbers.
I assumed that he was still floating through the world, oblivious to just about all his surroundings, until this week.  We were grabbing supper for the family at a drive-thru.  As we pulled away, he asked "Why do almost all the people who work in fast-food places have brown skin?"  I got to have a discussion with him that included bits about immigration, job markets, and the sense of entitlement many teens (and sadly, many local adults) have regarding work.
We had a birthday party for him, and the conversation among the young gentlemen went as follows:
-Poop.  Who pooped in the pool?  It was YOU, wasn't it???
-Best teachers in their short lives.
-Poop.  Generally, it is funny.
-Puffy cheezies, or crunchy?  It's a tough choice.
-POOP!  HA!!!
-Is diarrhea green?  Brown?  What about puke?  What color is best?

I love this child so much I can feel it.  He only hugs me when nobody is looking.  He lets me smother him with kisses first thing in the morning, and that has to keep me for the day.  His eyes are bright and taking in the entire universe.  I still can't believe he's so grown up, and I am so proud of the person he is becoming.

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carmilevy said...

I wish I knew why time moves as quickly as it does. They were just born, yet here they are, grabbing the world and refusing to let go.

Thank you for the heartening affirmation that the planet is evolving as it should. You're doing an amazing job ensuring he becomes the person he was destined to be.