Monday, August 23, 2004

reality TV

Okay, I admit it. I am addicted to Reality TV. To be fair, I won't watch just anything. I don't watch Newleyweds or The Simple Life. I restrict my crap TV watching to quality such as Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race. I didn't think I had a problem until I read an innocent article in a magazine that suggested that such shows are quite scripted, and in fact are not at all reality. I spent 1/2 hour gripping to Hubby before I came back to earth. Perhaps they are scripted. I just don't want to know about it! I prefer to think that I am watching real people do really stupid things, all on their own. If there is a script, I think it's damn good. Who thinks up this stuff? Where do the ideas for these shows come from? Who sat down and said "Okay. Let's take a bunch of strangers, put them in a house full of cameras, and see if watching other people be boring makes good TV." Hats off to that guy, it was a genius idea! I wish I'd thought of it!


LN said...

Nice blog you have here.

I am going to 'bookmark' you, so don't let me down!

I live in Europe in a big city, so your perspective is very interesting.

See you arround.

Tammy said...

Thanks, LN for the comment! Good to know that someone is reading. If you're in a large European city, my life is about as opposite as you can get. Too bad we can't trade places for awhile!