Sunday, September 19, 2004

Warning! You may be too dense to use this product!

This morning I put together an Exersaucer for the Boy Terror. Not too terribly hard, just time consuming. I was reading through the "instructions for use" when I realized this company truly thinks I am too stupid to have kids. That or they have been sued by someone too stupid to have kids. The warning said "do not attempt to fold the Exersaucer until child has been removed". Okay.....what idiot thought "I will just fold this all up with Junior in it, and give new meaning to the word "portable."?? Do we really need to be warned about this stuff? My blowdryer came with a warning to not use it while sleeping. My rice cooker is not to be used while it is immersed in water. My blender had a caution about sticking my hand in while blending food. My hair remover cream was the is for external use only. Sorry, all you people with hairy intenstines. This is not the product for you! I realize companies need to cover their asses, but really. If you think you should stick your hand in the blender, and use Nair on your internals, I think you deserve whatever happens to you. Do the world a service, and don't reproduce. You won't be bright enough to use the Exersaucer.


AGK said...

The sad thing is, someone had to be stupid enough to try crazy things like this in order for a warning to have been issued!

Anonymous said...

Probably the same people who banned walkers in Canada, because naturally babies in walkers just throw themselves down stairs at any given moment.