Monday, September 20, 2004

feeling like a piggy

Yesterday I was reading warnings. Today, I have been reading the nutritional labels on my food. I think it's time to go to the library....but anyway. The side of my diet cola can declares that each serving contained only 0.4 calories!!!!! I thought "Wow!! I must burn at least that much drinking the stuff! How is it I am not losing weight while the can is still in my hand?!" Then I read it a bit more intently. Turns out a can contains 3.5 servings. Hmmm. Who decided that one can of pop should be devided between 3 people, with a bit left over for the thirstiest one? Have you ever drunk only 1/3 of a can? I started checking out the cupboard of goodies. 11 snack crackers is a serving. Half a bag of microwave popcorn is a serving. Why is it called an individual bag if it holds enough for more than one individual? Who makes these decisions, some really sad (and skinny) person in a third world country?

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Anonymous said...

See, that's why I never read the nutritional labels. ;)