Monday, October 04, 2004

Baby Baluga

For a long time, the Teletubbies had taken over my mind. I found myself humming their little songs in public places, and saying "again again!!" when I particularly liked something. Occasionally they even made it into my dreams/nightmares. However, Girl Terror has moved up and away from the rotund foursome, and now it's Raffi that invades my brain. We borrowed a video of one of his concerts from the library, and we've watched it approximately 257 times. Don't get me wrong, I love Raffi, but I'm finding it very hard to fall asleep with "Baaaby Baluuuuga, Baaaby Baluuuuga, is your water warm..." running through my head. When I close my eyes I see Raffi's huge brown eyes rolling around in his head, and his big beamy smile glows right through my eyelids. I don't know all the words to all the songs (amazingly enough) so as I burrow under the blankets, I end up humming "ducks like RAIN, ducks like RAIN, na na na na na....." over and over. Sometimes the songs blend together in my head, and I end up with a song about a baby whale eating peanut butter sandwiches, down by the bay. Maybe I should send Raffi a copy. See if my song keeps him awake at night.


Elizabeth Blair York said...

Have you waded ito the wonder that is The Wiggles yet?

We spent a good year around here singing "quack quack quack quack quack cockledoodledoo". It was truly terrifying!


Jenny said...

Oh, no no, even better... Hi-5! Oh my GOD that stuff sticks in your head.