Thursday, October 07, 2004

Not the dolly I remember

Yesterday I bought the Girl Terror a new dolly. She's one of those tall, almost lifesize dolls that claim to walk along beside you if you hold her hand just right. Remember those? Mine was a Wendy Walker. I think the one I bought my daughter must be a cheap knock-off. For one thing, the price was too good to be true. Also, Wendy (or "Wispy" as this box says) seems to have.....grown up a bit. When we got her home, and out of her box prison, I got a closer look. Wispy was wearing chunky heels and bell bottom pants. She should have been wearing a bra! This dolly has boobs!!! Naturally the first thing my daughter did was strip her new friend, and hey! Wispy has a teeny tiny little waist, and boobies!! Hmmmm. How do I explain that this new "little girl" has a better figure than Mummy? I'm not at all sure I'm comfortable having a blonde, green-eyed chick with an hourglass figure hanging around my house. Like Hubby said, she's kind of creepy!


AGK said...

*rolls eyes* I swear, toy and clothes makers today should be strung up!

Anonymous said...

i too had a wendy walker doll who instantly became my best friend. i loved her forever.thank goodness dolls can't talk well, at least not my wendy. she was my world, i took her everywhere i could, she walked beside me like a real friend and held me to sleep,in the cruel world i lived in. i missed her with every breath after i gave her away. the firemen came to collect toys for the poor kids who lost theirs in fires and i just wanted another little girl to feel the love of wendy. never did i think of the loss i had to endure. years later my councellor gave me her ww doll and i still have her. i love her, but it's not the same. 40 year old still crying over a doll who was her whole world eh. well the good news is my daughter is 5 and she loves wendy #2 and will have her forever.
omg i feel so much better thanks