Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Girl Terror is now sleeping in a "big girl" bed. She loves it, and is doing great, except for the going to bed part. I admit, this is my fault. I stay next to her bed on the floor while she falls asleep. I know, I know. All the books say this is terrible, and I am doing her a major disservice. I'm going to have to go to university with her so I can sleep on her dorm room floor. A while ago I talked about weaning her from this routine, and I really meant to do it. We are at the point where I leave while she is still awake, but not for long. It only takes about 20 minutes. I lie to her every night. Again, Bad Mummy. I tell her "I am just going to feed the cat." "I have to pee." I just don't mention that I will not be returning until after she is asleep! Last night it backfired. I told her "I am going to go get my jammies on." I wasn't lying for once, I did go get my jammies on. 10 minutes later I hear "MUMMMY!!!! GOT JAMMIES?????" I had to go back and prove that I was indeed flannel clad.
I think I know why I still am spending part of each evening prone on the floor, with my head resting on a bear. I want her to need me. I like this tiny bit of quiet time with a child who is normally bouncing off the ceiling. She always wants to hold my hand as she is drifting off, and even though I always say "sleeping time now", I love it when she wiggles under her blanket and says "Mummy, let's talk." Sometimes she gives me a topic. Earlier this week it was "Let's talk. Snow."
I know that eventually I will be faced with a teenager who would rather die than snuggle in bed, talking to Mummy. So I will take these moments while they are being offered, and deal with all the "tsk tsk" comments from people who have been blessed with children who put themselves to bed every night at 7. I will appreciate the tiny hand holding mine, knowing that this is one special routine that she might remember in years to come, and I will continue to say "Let's sleep" every five minutes until she finally does.


Jenny said...

Beautiful post. It's always good to take a deep breath and enjoy, even when there are 'better' things to do.

The Zero Boss said...

We just transitioned my 5-yr-old son Jaxon to his own bed. He still wakes up in the middle of the night and comes sleep with us. My 3-yr-old girl Veda, however, sleeps through the night in her own spot. Go figure.

Kristine said...

That post was so heartwarming! And I did the lying thing too to get out of the room. I STILL have to at least say "I'll come back and check on ya in a minute!" Then she lets me go and falls to sleep. Ah, they're SO easy to LOVE when they're sleepy and doesn't all just seem right with the world? :)

Anonymous said...

It musta been a sign or daughter now wants me to lay with her after I read her a story and she says her prayers. Suddenly there's an issue about falling asleep...she just turned FOUR! Oy!

Lexie said...

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