Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sleep! Glorious sleep!

It finally happened!!!! The Boy Terror slept through the night last night, from 11:30 to 8:15!!! I got 7 hours of straight, uninterupted blissful sleep. Of course, I had to get up to pee, Hubby woke me when he got into bed, and Girl Terror forced me out of bed at 7, but still.... No 4 AM feeding. No stumbling around a dark house, wondering who moved the walls. Suddenly, I think I might survive this mummy thing! I have to go leap around my house now to burn off some of this wonderful energy!

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sky said...

isn't it amazing how good you can feel after one simple night's sleep? I remember the days when mine was little...and don't wish them back when I think of sleep loss! but when I think of cuddle factor...of course. mine can't fit in my lap anymore at 20.