Thursday, November 25, 2004

She never sleeps, I swear

Last night after Boy Terror's 5 am feeding, I poked my head in to check on Girl Terror. She is a wiggler, so I often have to put her back in the bed during the night. I peeked in her doorway, but I couldn't see her at all. I heard rustling, so I knew she was half awake, but no little toes sticking out. I tiptoed in and started peeling back blankets, trying to find one end or another. Hmmm. Toes on the pillow. Not that unusual for this kid. I oh so carefully pulled the covers off so I could flip her around. As I uncovered her face (tucked in at the foot of the bed) her little eyes opened, she grinned, and chirped "Peet-a-boo, Mummy!" Five in the morning, and she's playing peekaboo.


Anonymous said...

At least she was awake and IN A GOOD MOOD! :)

Anonymous said...

The question is...did she go back to sleep? **Graceful**