Thursday, December 23, 2004

12 days of Christmas

I haven't blogged in over a week, but I have a good excuse. It's Christmas holidays!! Hubby is a teacher, so this week he is home with us. I've been very busy. Here is a run-down of our holiday so far...
Thursday night: 9 days till Christmas!! We went to the school Christmas concert. Lovely. Didn't hear a word that was said, but Girl Terror saw Santa, and we collected some nice germs.
Friday: 8 days till Christmas!! The germs announced their arrival. I spent most of the day on the throne, but I kept thinking "at least it's just me, and I'm getting over it by the time the holiday really starts". Girl Terror was concerned for me, and wanted to accompany me to the bathroom each and every time.
Saturday: 7 days till Christmas!!! Hubby went to visit a friend. While he was there, someone backed into the side of our car. Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Boy Terror was screaming his lungs out. I hiked him over to the Nurses Station, and they cheerfully gave me antibiotics for his raging ear infection, and said he likely wouldn't want to swallow due to his swollen tonsils.
Saturday night: Girl Terror discovered something worse, far worse, than toe lint. Vomit. In her bed. From 9:30 pm until morning, she puked every half hour. Seriously. By 3, she was dry heaving, and screaming from the pain. I spent the night on the floor next to her bed, trying to convince her to puke on the towels, not on the blankets. By morning we were down to dish towels and the baby's receiving blankets. It wouldn't have been so messy if she hadn't tried to run away from the puddles every time. At 7 I repeated my trek to the Nurses Station, got Gravol Suppositories, and spend a good while convincing her that letting me shove this up her ass would make her feel all better. It did. She stopped barfing and slept.
Sunday: 6 days till Christmas!! No barfing. Boy Terror seemed calmer, and even had the energy to fight the medicine going in. Things were looking up.
Sunday night: All snug in our beds....till 1:00 am. Then Girl Terror woke up to puke all over the bed again. Fortunately, we now had a stash of Gravol so I shoved one up her butt, and by 2:30 we were back in bed.
Monday: 5 days till Christmas!!! Nothing really exciting. I guess I could have blogged, but the laundry was piled up waiting for water delivery.
Tuesday: 4 days till Christmas!! Hubby and I got up at 5:45 to head into town. I had surgery to repair damage done by Girl Terror's birth. Yup. Crotch surgery, just in time for the holidays. The up side - I had the absolutely best nap ever while in recovery!
Wednesday: 3 days till Christmas!! Hubby took Girl Terror shopping for groceries, and I had peace and quiet. Then he called home. Girl Terror had puked again. In the car. All over herself. He was in WalMart, buying her some clean clothes, and oh, by the way, he wasn't feeling so hot. Those pesky germs! By the time they got home, she was fine, and he was in the midst of the fever induced shakes.
Today is Thursday. 2 days till Christmas!! Hubby is still under the weather, but everyone else seems to be surviving. We had a wind storm last night, and a tree in the yard fell over but didn't take out our power, so maybe our run of bad luck is ending. I cannot imagine what else could possibly go wrong, but I'll keep you updated. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Anonymous said...

Oh...I know "vomit patrol"! When my daughter caught some nasty virus (twice in 3 weeks), I ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom with her. When she felt the urge, she'd wake up, say "Mommy", and I'd grab the bucket and put it under her chin. She even learned to hold a gallon sized ziploc bag in the car (just in case she felt the urge there). Having to deal with a vomiting child. It's awful. I know. I wish you and yours a healthy Christmas Day! **Graceful**

Anonymous said...

I feel like I should've had vaccinations before reading this! Hope you all are doing well now and stay that way for a long time! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)