Tuesday, December 14, 2004

sentimental mush AKA I love him so much!

I couldn't be a single mom. Everyone says motherhood is the hardest job, well, I think single moms are the most amazing women alive. When my daughter was born, she wisely choose to pop out on the last day of school. Hubby was able to spend the first 2 months of her life with us, at home, learning all about this parenting challenge. When Boy Terror arrived, Hubby took paternity leave for a few months, giving us 4 months to adjust. In between, he has been the most involved husband I know of. He changes diapers, makes bottles, feeds kids, and is as much involved with them as I am. And when I tell him how rare he is, he is surprised. He's their father. He feels he should be part of their daily lives. Every once in awhile, I think "what would I do if I were in this journey alone? How on earth would I survive?" and I don't think I could do it. Last night, for the second night in a row, I got next to no sleep. We have the sniffles here, and apparently Boy Terror is only going to sleep if I hold him in my lap for the duration of his cold. When Hubby got up this morning, and heard that I was surviving on fumes, he went to school, made up sub plans, and came home. I got to go back to bed. He didn't once point out that "home duty" is my job, or say I should "nap when the kids are asleep". He just kicked right in. What happens to those moms who aren't this lucky? Who looks after them? What kind of brave lady does this on her own, with the entire weight of this amazing job on her own tiny shoulders?
All day today I've been thinking about how fortunate I am, that this wonderful man is my partner, in every sense of the word. I wouldn't want to try this with anyone else, and I know I could never make it without him holding my hand.

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Anonymous said...

If I knew your hubby...I'd give him a big HUG! He is exactly what a Dad & husband should be. Involved. Empathetic. Not chosing sides (what he should do versus what you should do). You got yourself a winner!